Top 10 Innovation Podcast Episodes of 2019

Top 10 Innovation Podcast Episodes of 2019

Inside Outside Innovation Podcast

From innovators to entrepreneurs and CEOs to authors, the Inside Outside Innovation Podcasts brings you insight on the latest tools, trends, and tactics for accelerating innovation, launching new ideas, and building better products.

Inside Outside Innovation PodcastEach week Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Founder, interviews corporate and startup innovation leaders from around the world about their own innovation journeys. Check out over 152 episodes.  Let us know what’s valuable to your own journey.

Top 10 Episodes with the Most Listens* from January to June, 2019

  1. Ep. 144 – Ben Nelson, Lambda School Co-founder on Income Share Agreements
  2. Ep. 148 – Francesca Gino, Harvard Professor and Author of Rebel Talent: Why It Pays to Break All the Rules in Work and in Life (Grab a ticket for The IO Summit – attendees will receive a copy of Francesca’s book Rebel Talent)
  3. Ep. 141 – Gary Shapiro, Ninja Future: Secrets to Success Author and Consumer Technology Assoc. CEO
  4. Ep. 140 – Melissa Perri, Escaping the Build Trap Author and Produx Labs CEO
  5. Ep. 150 – Sylvain Labs’ Alain Sylvain on New Idea Creation for Business and Consumer Needs (Alain will be speaking at The IO Summit)
  6. Ep. 145 – Laura Anne Edwards, DATA OASIS founder, NASA Datanaut, TED Resident & SheCanHackIT on Sustainable Innovation and Big Data (Laura Anne Edwards will be speaking at The IO Summit)
  7. Ep. 146 – GoSquared’s James Gill on Product Design, Listening to Customers & Making it Easy
  8. Ep. 147 – Innovation Leader’s Scott Kirsner on Corporate Innovation Tools & Trends
  9. Ep. 142 – Neil Soni, Author of The Startup Gold Mine and Estee Lauder Innovator (Neil will be speaking at The IO Summit)
  10. Ep. 143 – Jon Katzenbach and Gretchen Anderson, co-authors of The Critical Few: Energize Your Company’s Culture by Choosing What Really Matters

* Based on first 30 days of listens after published.


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