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For over 25 years, Brian Ardinger and Susan Stibal have been helping entrepreneurs and enterprises navigate and compete in a world of change and disruption. They have led efforts with startups and corporations to engage the latest trends, tools, and tactics to accelerate innovation, launch new ideas, and build better products.

Brian Ardinger

Before Inside Outside, Brian founded the seed-stage accelerator NMotion and co-founded the corporate innovation consultancy Econic. He has worked in Silicon Valley and Asia and served as Chief Marketing Officer at Nanonation working with some of the best brands in the world including Apple, Pepsi, Target, Nike, and Harley-Davidson.

Brian is currently involved in driving the Midwest’s innovation ecosystem through initiatives such as the Rise of the Rest, StartupWeek, Lean Startup Circle, PIPELINE Entrepreneurs, and the JumpStart Challenge. He’s received awards for his work from the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development, Prosper Lincoln, and two coveted Prairie Dogs from Silicon Prairie News. Brian is a contributor to industry publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Fortune Asia. He’s also a public speaker and investor. Brian has over two decades of experience in digital media, marketing, consulting, and research.

Susan Stibal

Before joining Inside Outside, Susan founded Stibal Marketing, a communication consultancy, working with small and medium-sized businesses and organizations. She also served as an Adjunct Professor of Marketing and Communication for Nebraska Wesleyan University.

Susan has a long history collaborating with the Midwest’s business community. She’s worked on projects focused on community development, affordable housing, small business growth, building business networks, international trade, and economic policy development. She also co-founded Hear to Learn, an award-winning innovative classroom technology initiative. Susan is a global advocate, business mentor, investor, and public speaker. She has over two decades of experience in marketing communication and business development.


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