10 Popular Innovation Articles from January 2024

10 Popular Innovation Articles from January 2024

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10 Popular Innovation Articles from January 2024

2024 Predictions – No Mercy / No Malice 

  • “Each year, we review/make predictions re the past/coming year. Most years, we hit more than we miss. But we do miss — if we made 10 predictions that all came true, that wouldn’t be predicting but stating the obvious. The caliber of a prediction is a function of what it reveals about the subject, how it frames or reframes a familiar topic, and whether it inspires a productive dialogue. Here’s how we did in 2023, followed by our predictions for 2024.”


The One Word that Transforms Your Approach to Innovation – Robyn Bolton

  • When someone utters an innovation-killing statement, respond with this word. Maybe smile mischievously and then repeat their statement with this word added to the end. “There’s a tremendous amount of research about the massive impact of this little word.  It helps underperforming students overachieve and is closely associated with Dr. Carol Dweck’s research into fixed and learning mindsets.”


Why Did Chipotle (and 11 Other Restaurant Chains) ALL Start in Colorado? – Shaan Puri 

  • Hint – it’s the same reason movies come from Hollywood and big tech companies are in Silicon Valley.”


How to Build Tech Hubs in the American Heartland – Richard Florida 

  • “The nature and geography of American innovation are in the midst of change. For the past half century, the most exciting areas for high-tech innovation involved breakthroughs in entirely new fields. Today, many of the most important apply new technologies like robotics, electrification and artificial intelligence to existing industries. This is a major opportunity for regions that have been left behind by the historic tech dominance of just a few coastal cities. Regions in the middle of the US are well-positioned to revive their key manufacturing industries with new technologies.”


52 Glimpses of The Future Normal from 2023 – The Future Normal 

  • “…no trend report can escape the fundamental paradox that the future is simultaneously both utterly predictable and yet also completely uncertain. Predictable: the big macro themes are blindingly obvious. More extreme climate. AI everywhere. Novel tech solutions searching for scale. Increasing economic and social polarisation. Uncertain: despite this, 2024’s most impactful events won’t be in these reports. It’s easy to talk about potential pandemics and AI; it’s near-impossible to forecast global lockdowns or when AI tools would be adopted by hundreds of millions in a matter of weeks.”

Five More Articles


5 Key AI Reads to Prepare for 2024 – Exponential View 

  • Azeem Azhar has pulled together five key reads that will help you enter 2024 with clarity looking at topics such as, “Why be bullish on today’s AI?” and “Putting extinction risk into context.”


A Review of the Year in Neuroscience – Mark Humphries 

  • As you’ll see, we’ve learnt a lot about the brain this year, about what the brain doesn’t have, what it does have, and about expert game players. But what we learnt most about was dopamine.”


From Zero to a Billion In 10 Years – Ian Barker 

  • “Nebraskan startups have attracted well over a billion dollars in venture capital in the decade since 2011, a year where no venture capital was raised.”


Is AI Saving Corporate Innovation or Killing It? – Human-Centered Change and Innovation 

  • “Resources are shifting from Innovation to AI: 61.5% of companies are increasing the resources allocated to AI, while 63.9% of companies are maintaining or decreasing their innovation investments. IT is more likely to own AI than innovation: 61.5% of companies put IT in charge of exploring potential AI use cases, compared to 53.9% of Innovation departments…. Innovation departments are becoming AI departments. In fact, some former VPs and Directors of Innovation have been retitled to VPs or Directors of AI.”


What to Do If Your Product Isn’t Taking Off – Lenny Rachitsky 

  • Another great newsletter article from Lenny outlining 7 steps to take to turn a things around, starting with talking to more users to look for two things: “pain and pull. Pain tells you there’s an opportunity to solve a problem. Pull tells you that you’re actually solving the problem.”

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