Impactful Innovation Articles from February 2024

Impactful Innovation Articles from February 2024

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Impactful Innovation Articles from February 2024

9 Trends That Will Shape Work in 2023 and Beyond – HBR 

  • Last year was another tumultuous year in the workplace, with continued high employee turnover rates, evolving return-to-office policies, inflation, and more. In 2023, amid a looming economic downturn, organizations will continue to face significant challenges — and how they respond could determine whether they are an employer of choice. Several authors from Gartner’s HR practice predict nine trends that organizations will have to confront this year.”

This is the Best Time to Start a Company in 30 Years – Greg Isenberg 

  • 20+ ideas and opportunities to explore in 2024 and beyond.

Overcoming Rejection: A Guide for Entrepreneurs on Raising Capital – Barry O’Reilly 

  • “The ability to secure the necessary capital to fuel your business growth is paramount to any new startup or venture. Yet for many would-be entrepreneurs, simply asking friends, family or investors to part with their hard earned cash behind their business can be the toughest personal challenge they face as a venture builder. In the world of fundraising, rejection is inevitable, but it’s essential to view it not as a setback but as a stepping stone towards success.”

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Technology: 42 Shifts that Matter to Enterprise Tech Leaders – McKinsey 

  • Major technology trends will change enterprises over the next few years. McKinsey explores 42 shifts that tech leaders can focus on now to better manage technology.

Plinkomatic – Kromatic 

  • Had a chance to get reacquainted with Tristan Kromer’s innovation management simulation game that explains how funding decisions can impact ROI. It’s a fun, interactive way to learn some of the concepts of portfolio management, probabilities, pivots, and more.

Five More Impactful Innovation Articles

Five Future Roles for Designers – Jorge Arango 

  • I believe that in the future, digital systems, not people, will do much of the craft of (screen-level) interaction design. To provide value, designers will need different skills and mental models. I won’t wallow in the fruitless “job title” discussion but rather outline some possible roles for designers in a world where our object of focus isn’t stuff happening on screens.”

The Data Revolution in Venture Capital – Signature Block

  • “…the data-driven revolution is making its way into the world of venture capital. It’s happening fast. It’s estimated that

Psychology of Apple Packaging – Trung Phan 

  • As the first stage of the iPhone experience, Apple put in 1000s of hours perfecting the package. There is literally a “packaging room” where a design employee will spend months opening up 100s of prototypes — with different materials and shapes — to nail the experience.”

10 Most Popular Innovation Articles from January 2024 – Inside Outside

  • Check out 10 popular innovation articles from January 2024 that were the most read among our Inside Outside members.

The Secret to Running Effective Growth Sprints — Follow This Process to Learn Faster – First Round Review 

  • “Nobody sets out planning to move slowly, waste time on bad ideas, and test nothing. But in reality, we’re all a bit overconfident, so we tend to go all-in on our favorite ideas and only experiment at the margins, rather than experimenting constantly with bold swings.  Back when I was a VC, I saw this pattern over and over again in the go-to-market section of pitches. Instead of focusing on big opportunities, founders were recycling a tired list of basic growth ideas that would never amount to much. Instead of finding big growth levers, they were pulling the small ones harder and hoping for the best.”

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