Ep. 145 – Laura Anne Edwards, DATA OASIS founder, NASA Datanaut, TED Resident & SheCanHackIT on Sustainable Innovation and Big Data

Ep. 145 – Laura Anne Edwards, DATA OASIS founder, NASA Datanaut, TED Resident & SheCanHackIT on Sustainable Innovation and Big Data

Laura Anne Edwards is founder of DATA OASIS and serves as a NASA Datanaut, TED Resident and with SheCanHackIT. Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation founder, talks with Laura Anne about sustainable innovation and big data.

Laura Anne Edwards on Sustainable InnovationImportant Take Aways:

Sustainable Innovation is Key! 

  • Maintain innovation over time through systems. What you are doing, who you are doing it with, and create creative collisions.
  • Key elements: Know who you’ve hired. Use innovation audit to look at information flow.
  • Address process changes, information flow, and awareness about how to support creativity.

What trends and tactics are useful?

  • Small changes in meeting schedule, office layout, what info is shared. Eg – Donut carts bring out introverts
  • What can you do to create intentional and organic collisions for the team.
  • How to change info flow to build on introverts in the room.
  • What is your company’s version of prototyping?
  • Do you have regular airing of ideas, instead of annual sharing. Appeals to extroverts and performance.
  • Can’t keep doing same five things.
  • Look at who you have and what you are trying to do.

Have trends and tactics changed over time?

  • Don’t just put creativity into tech teams.
  • For diversity, look at age, race, and where people come from, but go deeper. Look for different ways of thinking. Understand your people.
  • Product managers act as facilitators, instead of driving the product.

How do you measure if the company is on the right path?

  • Retention of talented teams and ability to use teams to understand and be a feedback loop.
  • We’ve applied industrial tactics to human assets. Need new set of processes and facilitation.

How does open data change the way we create and build new innovative ideas?

  • By connecting and making available the silos of open data, it solves the last mile problem.
  • Apply new big algorithms and computing powers to open data. Currently there is no tracking of doctoral research.
  • We don’t have a data arch. What information is most important to us?
  • Data Oasis creates an index of data sources and wikis. Models of gathering info around subfields. Marrying it with AI.

To find out more about Laura Anne Edwards or about Data Oasis contact her at lauraanneedwards.com, on Twitter, or through Brian Ardinger at brian@insideoutside.io.

You can also check out her TED Profile (https://www.ted.com/profiles/845) or this article on her work at NASA (https://open.nasa.gov/blog/data-discovery-mapping-nasa-dataverse/)

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