Ep. 135 – Nara Logics CEO and E.N. Thompson Lecturer Jana Eggers on Artificial Intelligence’s Past and Future

Ep. 135 – Nara Logics CEO and E.N. Thompson Lecturer Jana Eggers on Artificial Intelligence’s Past and Future

Jana Eggers, CEO of Nara Logics, is an expert on Artificial Intelligence. In this episode, Brian Ardinger, Founder of Inside Outside Innovation, talks with Jana about the evolution, promises, and risks of artificial intelligence. Jana will be speaking at the E.N. Thompson Forum, in Lincoln, NE, on Feb 26, 2019.

Jana Eggers on Artificial IntelligenceHighlights from the discussion on Artificial Intelligence:

  • Jana trained as a mathematician and has worked at organizations like the National Science Foundation, Los Alamos, and a search engine company. She’s always used artificial intelligence as a tool.
  • Computing power is now commoditized. There’s lots of info from databases like ImageNet. These changes have brought artificial intelligence to the forefront.
  • Artificial intelligence examples include calendar scheduling, language translation, Waze, and Google
  • Machine learning vs. Artificial intelligence – e.g., Artificial light vs. natural light. Ask has the machine learned? Did it calculate how to respond? Did it recognize the context?
  • We need to understanding artificial intelligence risks, but people should have a realist attitude. Don’t run in fear. We’ll find more things to do, as AI takes over the basics.
  • Microsoft’s Tay has been live in China for years. Big difference in internet culture in China vs. US. Tech Companies have had major gaffes on AI applications. There is plenty of thought on how to prevent bad things from happening.
  • China is using lots of data and getting practice and application with AI. Government is also investing. The US should invest in infrastructure. Could make a big difference.
  • In Europe, GDPR will allow us to be better managers of our data.
  • Nara Logics has an AI platform which allows engineers to put artificial intelligence into their products faster. e.g., Proctor and Gamble creates advisor products using artificial intelligence. One-on-one customer communication.

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To connect with Jana Eggers, CEO of Nara Logics, find her online or at https://naralogics.com

To attend the E.N Thompson Forum, check out the webpage.

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