Ep. 134 – Paramount Pictures’ Futurist Ted Schilowitz on VR, AR & Mixed Reality

Ep. 134 – Paramount Pictures’ Futurist Ted Schilowitz on VR, AR & Mixed Reality

Ted Schilowitz serves as Paramount Pictures’ Futurist, as well as an advisor to the University of Nebraska’s Johnny Carson School of Emerging Media Arts. He sees himself as an explorer, with an eye toward storytelling and creativity. His modern lab rat approach, allows him to experiment with all types of technology and determine what makes it valuable for the future. Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside founder, and Ted discuss the intersection between storytelling and human behavior. Specifically, they address next-generation screens to create the illusion of reality.

Ted Schilowitz, Paramount PicturesHighlights from the discussion:

  • VR is an emerging process of teaching people about new ways of using more powerful screens in their lives.
  • People want entertainment when they want it and where they want it. Connecting the screen to your eyes and your brain, something that doesn’t exist yet at scale.
  • Experiments with VR, AR, and mixed-reality headsets. Logging hours in experimenting, then bringing back experiences to the studio.
  • The power is accelerated to create an illusion of things that aren’t real. There are ethical, safety and truth concerns.
  • Mixed reality or extended reality is the thing to watch.
  • VR is a multi-level/multi-year evolution. We’ve seen good progress, investment, and predictive analysis.
  • Viable businesses are enterprise and heavy and light industrial markets. Things are getting adopted when people use them differently.
  • Read The Innovators Dilemma by Clayton Christianson.
  • How can people tap into creativity and adaptability? Read Creativity Inc, about Pixar, where story means everything and technology is used in service to the story.

For more information

To find out more or connect, find Ted on Twitter at @virtualtedfor email him at ted_schilowitz@paramount.com. You can also learn more from his augmented mixed-reality discussion on the AR Show or from various articles found online.

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