Ep. 147 – Scott Kirsner of Innovation Leader on Corporate Innovation Tools and Trends

Ep. 147 – Scott Kirsner of Innovation Leader on Corporate Innovation Tools and Trends

Scott Kirsner, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Innovation Leader

Scott Kirsner is the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Innovation Leader. As a journalist, Scott spent his career covering how ideas in companies get commercialized. Five years ago, Scott launched Innovation Leader, a company focused on how innovation happens in big companies. Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation founder, spoke with Scott about emerging issues in corporate innovation.

Scott Kirsner, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Innovation LeaderWhat innovation issues are tops for companies? – Innovation Leader Survey 

  • Solving bureaucracy and How to Tap Employee Ideas – Highest areas of Internal innovation interest
  • Startup engagement meaningful, but companies have only started their collaboration experiences.

Why did corporates jump in and now are reassessing?

  • Corporates need results near term.
  • Successful companies focus on white space areas. Scout areas where startups can address problems areas.
  • Develop strategies to set up a proof of concept.
  • Jet Ventures – Doing corporate VC. Need to be in it for 7-10 years

What toolset is being used at startups, that could be used in corporations?

  • Slack, GitHub, 3-D printer, landing tables, quick websites, Airtable, Coda, crowdfunding, etc.

How can the rise of new tech play out in corporate innovation?

  • Companies are becoming aware of how business can apply new tech. Creating comic books, videos of vision, etc.
  • Have more conversations and lunch and learns in your company to explain emerging tech and how the company can apply. Ask for engagement and put dots on the radar screen.
  • Innovation teams shouldn’t be only ones tracking new innovations. Spread far and wide in company.
  • Challenge of Innovation officer – change culture and training or build stuff and prototype. Execute the ideas.

What are you most excited about?

  • New events, research reports, magazine covering top cities around the world for corporate innovation, and awareness of best practices in big companies.
  • Don’t need to start with a white paper. Lots of innovation resources available – Inside Outside Innovation podcast, Harvard podcast, Innovation Answered podcast.

For more Information on Innovation Leader 

For more information or to connect with Scott, check out Innovationleader.com, on Twitter see @innolead and listen to Innovation Leader’s Innovation Answered podcast.

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