Ep. 163 – Kathleen Cohen, Collaboratorium Founder on Innovation’s Future through Experiential Technology

Ep. 163 – Kathleen Cohen, Collaboratorium Founder on Innovation’s Future through Experiential Technology

Kathleen Cohen, Founder of the Collaboratorium

Kathleen Cohen is the founder of the Collaboratorium, a consultancy that creates enhanced guest experiences, in multi-use environments, through digital, AI/ML, XR, computer vision, and immersive and experiential thought leaders. She has previously worked with  DreamWorks, IBM innovation, and Disney Resorts, among others. Kathleen talks with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Founder, about innovation’s future through experiential technology.

Kathleen Cohen on Innovation’s FutureWhat changes have you seen in innovation?

  • Kathleen Cohen was first an artist, then moved to digital, and now back to physical space.
  • Innovation brought the data layover to experiences, and now AI and Machine Learning are making an impact.

How has innovation changed because of tech?

  • Started as a digital strategist and now calls herself an experiential strategist
  • Kathleen helped launch Disneyworld.com and soon found herself asked to join the 1st meeting on Disney’s creative team to help re-architect Epcot. Although Kathleen started her own consultancy at that point, her colleagues helped create the magic band. It took nine years with substantial design challenges but brought Disney closer to the customer. Now for six years, the magic band has been collecting data which they can use to tell stories. Disney brought a holistic approach to the innovation experience.

What other companies are innovating?

  • Companies that are moving to the spatial web, spatial web computing, meta-verse building, and world-building
  • E.g., Magic Leap moved from Goggles to focusing on a Metaverse.
  • How do we use the Metaverse in urban planning?

Meeting Your Digital Twin Talk is a move towards humanism

  • If I looked at your digital trails, would you look different than your data says?
  • ACLU of AI and Algorithmic justice league – Organizations questioning AI
  • Where is agency over identity? What is mine?
  • Questions of digital rights and citizenship when creating digital humans

Are there common characteristics people should be building on to be better innovators?

  • Storytelling vs. data-driven
  • Need for artists asking collaboration questions.

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