Ep. 162 – Gordon Stannis of Twisthink on Growing Innovation Excellence in Corporations

Ep. 162 – Gordon Stannis of Twisthink on Growing Innovation Excellence in Corporations

Gordon Stannis, Partner at Twisthink

Leaders need to have a balanced stance to invest in core, adjacent, and breakthroughs innovation for the long-term sustainability of their corporations. Currently, corporations put 95% of their focus on operational excellence and 5% on innovation excellence. Gordon Stannis is Director of Design & Strategy and Partner at Twisthink. Gordon talks with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation founder, about how to grow innovation excellence.

Gordon Stannis, Partner at Twisthink

Twisthink was launched two decades ago, to solve business problems through the “twisting” of design and creative technologists. For Crown, Twisthink developed a digital glove that drives a 3-ton truck in a warehouse. It solves a safety problem by driving remotely, and also eliminates 70% of footsteps from the worker’s daily routine. Crown was able to increase the price of the product by 2X.

What process does Twisthink go through to work with clients?

  • Understand stakeholders and pain points and then begin to solve problems.
  • Use any process that yields results as fast as possible, as cheap as possible.
  • Create a prototype and then watch people use it. Expensive option.
  • The Visual Research tool is a one-month option. Create plausible processes and scenarios. 10-15 Interviews with stakeholders. Then start design process.

How do you move from idea to the market place?

  • Innovation phase – Human centered design
  • Product Development process

How do you hire talent and team for innovation?

  • Curious, courageous, don’t mind failing, strong work ethic, and easy to get along with.

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To find out more information about Godon or Twisthink, check out http://twisthink.com/io/

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