Ep. 108 – Taylor Dawson with GE on Product Innovation

Ep. 108 – Taylor Dawson with GE on Product Innovation

Rapid Corporate Product Innovation

Taylor Dawson is a founding member of GE Appliances’ FirstBuild and CEO of Giddy. In this podcast, Taylor talks with Brian Ardinger about GE Appliances’s FirstBuild’s origins, the obstacles they’ve conquered and the challenges they’re still solving.  They also discussed product innovation and the experiences of building a Microfactory.

Taylor Dawson with GE on Product Innovation

Taylor was also a featured roundtable speaker at the Inside Outside Innovation Summit in May 2018 (https://www.theiosummit.com).

Learn more about GE’s Firstbuild at https://www.firstbuild.com and Giddy at https://www.giddy.io

If you are interested in product development, check out Brian’s interview with Slava Rubin, co-founder of Indiegogo at https://insideoutside.io/podcast/ep-69-slava-rubin-co-founder-of-indiegogo/



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Episode 108

Ep. 108 – Taylor Dawson ...