Ep. 161 – Omar Luqmann-Harris, Author of Leader Board on High-Performance Teams

Ep. 161 – Omar Luqmann-Harris, Author of Leader Board on High-Performance Teams

Omar Luqmann-Harris is the author of Leader Board: The DNA of High-Performance Teams. While leading teams around the world, he saw an employee engagement gap emerge because traditional leadership principles didn’t change with the workforce of today. Omar talks with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation Founder, about why employees won’t respond to old ways of leadership.

Omar Luqmann-Harris, author of Leader Board: The DNA of High-Performance TeamsOmar first looked at the titans of leadership and applied their principles to his teams around the world. Then he created new methods to determine what works today.

  • 1.0 Leadership – Late 1800s to post WWII – Farm to the Factory – Hierarchy, homogenous workforce – Henry Ford
  • 2.0 Leadership – Post-WWII – 1990s – Diversity, American Dream Phase, Teams – JFK and Space Race
  • 3.0 Leadership  – 1990s – now – Information Revolution – Solution to innovation – Leadership different, organizations are flatter and connected.

Work has changed from individuals to teams, moving from A Players focus to Team Focus. Now everyone on the team is excellent at something. Empower them to lead.

Leader Board

  • Takes a narrative format to teach and demonstrate principles. Shows how you can apply principles.
  • Pprovides team performance and acceleration principles, utilizing the stages of group formation.
  • Provides loads of free templates and tools to implement principles.

Obstacles to developing teams

  • Bringing in new people – Focus on WHOM – Work ethic, heart, optimism, and maturity
  • Provides assessment
  1. Define a successful day?
  2. How do you help people outside of work?
  3. What is your biggest failure?
  4. Tell me about a colleague you worked with that disappointed you, and that you still had to work with.

Differences in hiring between startups and corporations

  • Startup hiring is much more important
  • Scaling – Focus on raw material – Stay involved

For More Information

For more information about Omar, check out www.omarlharris.com or find his book on Amazon.

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Ep. 161 – Omar Luqmann-H...