Ep. 164 – Josh Seiden, Author of Outcomes Over Outputs on Being Outcome Centric

Ep. 164 – Josh Seiden, Author of Outcomes Over Outputs on Being Outcome Centric

Josh Seiden is the author of Outcomes Over Outputs, Sense and Respond, and Lean UX, in addition to being a designer, strategy consultant, and coach. He has worked with companies like S&P, Fidelity, and AMEX. He also started the Sense and Respond Press, which focuses on short, actionable books about innovation, product management, and digital transformation. Josh spends much of his time consulting and training teams to work together effectively and create better business outcomes. In this podcast, Josh talks with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation Founder, about applying outcomes over outputs.

Josh Seiden, author of Outcomes Over Outputs and Sense and RespondWhen thinking about being outcome-centered in a complex, emergent system, Josh suggests defining outcome as a change in behavior that creates business value. E.g.- Twitter. The challenge is to focus all work around outputs, rather than features. The highest level of outputs is impact, including revenue, costs, and customer satisfaction. Increasing customer satisfaction isn’t solved through new features. Getting the outcome level right is a challenge. Outcomes must be measurable and observable. Testing these outcome assumptions is critical, as is collaboration among teams. E.g.- HBR.org

Josh Seiden and Sarah Hudson (Government Innovation) will be at the Inside Outside Innovation Summit, Oct 20-22, in Lincoln, NE.

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Episode 164

Ep. 164 – Josh Seiden, A...