Uncertainty: Loving the Advantages of Change & Disruption

Uncertainty: Loving the Advantages of Change & Disruption

It’s Valentine’s Day and there is one thing in today’s ever-changing environment that you have to begin to appreciate (dare we say even LOVE).  That’s uncertainty. The best innovators we know love uncertainty. Maybe they don’t love it. But, they definitely understand and embrace the advantages that it brings.

Loving Uncertainty

Here are a few advantages to loving uncertainty:

Forces Focus 

When faced with the unknown, you must concentrate and reevaluate the situation. Assess what matters most and what needs to pivot or change. Uncertainty tends to highlight what’s important.

Disrupts Assumptions

Uncertainty causes us to unlearn and “un-know” what we thought we knew. For instance, it offers a reality check. It helps us rethink our “facts” and challenges us to discover new ones.

Increases Humility

Uncertainty has a way of cutting down arrogance and intolerance. For example, being able to face it with “I was wrong about that” or “I’m unsure how to proceed” allows for a fresh look and a new start.

Forces Action

When we are too comfortable, we often fail to act. Moreover, why change when everything feels so good? Uncertainty is the opposite. It’s uncomfortable, unenjoyable, and forces us to act to avoid these feelings and resolve the tension.

Encourages Gratitude

So, there’s nothing like a significant shift to cause one to give thanks to the things you have. In uncertainty, you can relish the advantages and benefits you can bring to solving the next challenge.

Finally, don’t overlook the love of change and disruption this Valentine’s Day. In other words, it will serve you well in February and beyond. How do you face today’s ever changing environment?  Let me know at brian@insideoutside.io.

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