The Accelerator Seven: Seven Superpowers for Today’s Innovator

The Accelerator Seven: Seven Superpowers for Today’s Innovator

Accelerator Seven

Markets are down. Inflation is up, and uncertainty is everywhere. We started Inside Outside Innovation for just these times—to help you accelerate your innovation efforts and give the tools, tactics, and unprecedented insights to become that person, that team, that organization that can navigate today’s accelerating pace of change.

The Accelerator Seven: Seven Superpowers for Today's Innovator

The only thing certain for 2022 is uncertainty. From technology shifts to talent wars to COVID, we’re living in an environment of accelerating change. We will all have to get good at being adaptable, resilient, and resourceful. Because of this, innovation will become a hot topic and high on the priority lists of every entrepreneur and business leader. 2022 will be a call-to-arms for everyone to build some entrepreneurial muscles—to become what we’re calling an “Accelerator.”

An Accelerator’s job is to explore and experiment in ever-changing environments and to take ideas and expeditiously transform them into reality. The ability to quickly adapt and create value from this new unknown will be the super skills needed for today’s hyper-uncertain environment.

An Accelerator can take an idea and create value from the new and unknown. Accelerators can come in various packages; startup founders launching new experiments; product teams solving customer problems; enterprise leaders adapting and growing as the world shifts beneath them.

We’ve worked with many Accelerators, from startup founders to community leaders. This week we thought we’d outline the seven superpowers these Accelerators possess—skills you can develop to build your innovation competency.

Seven Superpowers for Today’s Innovator

Curiosity. Accelerators are constantly on the hunt for the new and novel. They have a knack for asking questions and exploring areas beyond what they know or understand. A quest for learning drives them.

Optimism. Accelerators look for the good and ask “What if” and “Why not” questions. They understand that mistakes and failure are part of the process. They don’t dwell on the negative, and they look for ways to overcome the downsides.

Resourcefulness. Accelerators know how to make a dollar stretch and make the most of the resources around them. They are good at asking for help and aren’t afraid to get creative when needed.

Resilience. Accelerators understand the landscape of change and uncertainty and realize that not everything will go according to plan. They can pivot and persevere when challenges and blockers appear and have the grit and determination to move forward continually.

Customer-Driven. Accelerators understand and serve their customers. They can feel their pain points and empathize with their customers’ challenges and opportunities.

Action-Oriented. Accelerators act. They get the ball moving, make decisions, and consistently make progress. They test and experiment and are comfortable being wrong, and they prefer to learn from the results of their actions.

Collaborative. Finally, Accelerators know that innovation is a team sport. They rely on collaboration with their network, always ask for help and insights, and lean on experts to increase their learning and progress.

What are you doing to build and grow these skills in yourself and others?


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