Innovation Urgency: Demonstrate Action and Experimentation

Innovation Urgency: Demonstrate Action and Experimentation

Demonstrate a Sense of Urgency

Most organizations have a naive optimism that they can adapt fast if needed. We all too often hear excuses, “Our competitors are slow. It won’t happen to us. We’ll worry about that when the time comes.”

Sense of Innovation UrgencyBut innovation takes time, and companies can’t change culture and processes overnight. For instance, it takes hundreds if not thousands of ideas to be filtered and experimented with to find the true game-changers.

The faster companies can create innovation urgency, the more chances they may have to get it right. Rarely is a company entirely blindsided by innovation. Kodak invented the digital camera and Xerox invented the graphical user interface, but each was slow to act on what they created.

Above all, demonstrate innovation urgency by measuring and rewarding efforts around action and experimentation.

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