Innovation Obstacles: Treating Innovation as a Project

Innovation Obstacles: Treating Innovation as a Project

Treating Innovation as a Project 

There are common innovation obstacles, barriers, and hindrances you’ll inevitably face when trying to launch, build, or sustain your innovation initiatives. Let’s discuss “Treating Innovation as a Project.”

Innovation Obstacles: Treating Innovation as a ProjectInnovation is not a one-and-done project. Innovation is ongoing. It is not something you launch, complete, and take off the list once you fix it. While individual initiatives can start and stop, treat innovation itself as an ongoing process. You are creating valuable outcomes from the new and unknown.

In good times, innovation receives funding and expands in organizations. We launch innovation projects, and all is well until the next business crisis or economic downturn. But when times get tough, companies often return resources (time, money, and attention) to the core. We cut innovation budgets. And this once again, reminds individuals that innovation is not a core part of the culture or future of the organization.

Trying to save or bolster the core business without investing in ongoing innovation can have long-term damaging effects on retention and morale. It can short circuit any value or momentum created by previous innovation initiatives. Don’t fall into this trap.

The bottom line is if you want to innovate, you have to avoid the innovation obstacles. Make innovation a continuous focus area and a core part of an ongoing culture of value creation. Do you agree? Let me know at

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