Inside Outside Innovation Summit 2019

Inside Outside Innovation Summit 2019

As regular readers and listeners of, we wanted to give you the first sneak peek and opportunity to be a part of The Inside Outside Innovation Summit 2019.

Inside Outside Innovation Summit

The event will run October 20-22 as part of StartupWeek Lincoln with the theme of Talent, Technology, and the Future of Innovation. This year the event will be held at the University of Nebraska’s new Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts in Lincoln, NE.

We’re lining up some incredible speakers. We have authors, investors, and folks who’ve worked on innovation at places such as Nike, Airbnb, Facebook, Disney, and American Express (with more to come).


Startup Showcase, $25K LaunchLNK Grants, and Innovation Leaders

All this plus a Startup Showcase with $25k LaunchLNK Grants, networking, parties, and plenty of opportunities to learn from the best and brightest in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Grab your early-bird discounted tickets at:


P.S. – If you’d like to sponsor this year’s event or if you need additional group ticket packages, please email

Inside Outside Innovation Summit 2019



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