Ep. 171 – The Humachine Author Dr. Nada Sanders on Humans+Machines

Ep. 171 – The Humachine Author Dr. Nada Sanders on Humans+Machines

Dr. Nada Sanders, Co-Author of The Humachine

Dr. Nada Sanders is a Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain Management at Northeastern University and co-author of The Humachine: Humankind, Machines, and the Future of Enterprise. Nada talks with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation founder, about Humachines and the implications for the future of business.

Dr Nada Sanders, The HumachineKey Points:

  • Humachine – Emerging forms of enterprise. Combines human qualities (creativity, judgment, and intuition) with machines (economies of scale, AI, artificial processing, etc.). What are the capabilities?
  • The key difference is the human resource element in the tech era. Some will wait and see what tech is doing. Others are using tech as plug and play. Neither will work. Move towards superhuman enterprise management. The interplay between tech, people, and processes.
  • Tactics: How can you determine where AI can help? Don’t need all tech. Understand your strategy. Who are you and what are you trying to do.
  • Data: People don’t know what to ask of it. What questions do you need to answer?
  • AI is about how do you use it, not the tech.
  • Smaller companies leverage human resources and leverage the questions asked. Walmart was an industry leader.
  • Capabilities in silos. Systems need to be linked together.
  • How can organizational leaders see the human side? Period of lifelong learning. We will see repetitive jobs go away. Important areas need human communication. Cultivate in the workforce.
  • Systems Thinking: Coders don’t always thrive in systems or with communication.

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For more information about Dr. Nada Sanders connect with her on LinkedIn or go to the https://thehumachinebook.com. Check out Dr Sander’s book on Amazon.

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