Ep. 137 – Michael Frankel on Deloitte New Venture Accelerator, Growth, Hybrid Talent & Corporate/Startup Collaboration

Ep. 137 – Michael Frankel on Deloitte New Venture Accelerator, Growth, Hybrid Talent & Corporate/Startup Collaboration

Michael Frankel is the Managing Director of Deloitte New Venture Accelerator, a strategy and operations team for new business models. He believes people need to disrupt themselves continually or they will fall behind.

Michael FrankelEmergence of the Hybrid 

The broader trend of the journey from human to tech is not happening instantly. Things that require judgment and strategy, need a hybrid solution. A lot of technology has moved ahead of the user’s ability to use them. For example, we’ve digitized everything, because companies wanted the data. Now they are suffering from death by data. Talent profiles, of those better at adapting, are the Connector and Implementor. These are people who can be super users and use the info to solve a business problem. Product managers are critical with the adaptability to collaborate across technologies.

Technology that Improves Human Life

Conceptual technology that improves human life is an area Michael is excited about. AI, RPA and machine learning can solve a concrete problem in areas we can drive metrics from.

Corporations & Startups

Corporations interacting with startups is a great challenge. They have mirror image problems. Hard to self disrupt for the corporation. Interacting with startups helps corporate think differently and break the rules. Startups have a blank sheet. Both can benefit from each other. Tactics to collaborate: 1 ) Align your innovation and corporate venturing efforts with people who know sector. 2) Create an environment that allows you to interact. Startups want to talk to people that know the space and can give advice and access.

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Find Michael Frankel, Deloitte New Venture Accelerator, on LinkedIn or at www.michaelfrankel.net.

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