Ep. 138 – Mural’s Ajay Rajani on Building a Portfolio Career

Ep. 138 – Mural’s Ajay Rajani on Building a Portfolio Career

Ajay Rajani is an investor, entrepreneur, and author of Navigating the shift to a ‘portfolio career’ – How we should think about our professional identities — when they’re designed to change. Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation founder, and Ajay talk about building and highlighting a portfolio career.

Ajay RajaniAfter leading Nexxt, a digital remote accelerator that helps people take ideas and turn them into experiments, Ajay launched Mural. Mural helps people create portfolios based on skills and linked assets. It also makes it easy to curate versions of yourself for different people.

Defining a Portfolio Career

A portfolio career emphasizes passions, curiosity, and self-actualization. Types of jobs where a portfolio may apply: 1) A person who wears multiple hats, 2) Someone who wears one hat, but in various contexts, 3) People who have different passions to highlight like copywriting and animal activist, and 4) Someone who is building a portfolio like VCs and freelancers.

Portfolio Growth

The portfolio trend is increasing because we are adding new skills all the time and it’s easier to share and collaborate online. For freelancers, a portfolio helps customers understand their products, services, frameworks, and templates. It also allows freelancers to productize the services they provide and create a level of trust and fit for customers.

A Portfolio for Corporate Innovators

For corporate innovators, with tons of skills and know-how, a portfolio helps to unlock and curate examples of their best work. It can highlight 5 or 6 work assets and can help innovators think through what can they replicate, what are their experience and skills, and what are they comfortable sharing.

For More Information

To find out more about Mural or Ajay check out Muralapp.io/ajayrajani.

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