Ep. 132 – Arjuna Ardagh, Author of Radical Brilliance

Ep. 132 – Arjuna Ardagh, Author of Radical Brilliance

Why do some people have innovative, creative ideas that change the game for everyone and challenge the way life is, and others don’t? Brian Ardinger, Founder of Inside Outside talks with Arjuna Ardagh about how brilliance and innovation can become more of a predictable outcome and less of an accident. They discuss his new book, Radical Brilliance – The Anatomy of How and Why People Have Original Life-changing ideas and the four phases of the Brilliance Cycle.

Arjuna Ardagh, Author of Radical BrillianceBrilliance Cycle Defined

12:00 – Moments where you transcend your mind. Get to the middle ground. Not in a hurry. Brain chemistry changes from Serotonin to Dopamine

3:00 – Full creative flow. Effortlessly. Intention to take a creative act. Movement from intention to accomplishment. Brain chemistry changes to Testosterone/Estrogen and Oxytocin. Begin to operate within limits, creates stress.

6:00 – Accomplishing goals. Parasympathetic flooding begins. Start to have experiences of regret, when you are operating in constrained limits. Then movement to learning and humility.

9:00 – Recognition of your limits and boundaries. Brain chemical Gava, permits you to rest. Your deeper self or divine intelligence returns, then it’s moved back into awaking.

Innovators who are serially brilliant have all quadrants active. The cycle can also be a way to map what gets in the way of brilliance. Blockages include addiction, judgment, aspiration resistance, and looping. Recognize where the cycle is blocked and apply individual practices to unblock brilliance including diet, sleep, supplements, sexuality, friendship, and vacations. Rest is critical for innovators. Consider living in natural rhythms. Sleep soon after dark and wake before the sun. The most creative time is the hour before dawn.

More Information on Radical Brilliance

To connect with Arjuna or to learn more, check out RadicalBrilliance.com.

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Episode 132

Ep. 132 – Arjuna Ardagh,...