Ep. 110 – Shaina Stigler with Betwixt on Building Coworker Trust

Ep. 110 – Shaina Stigler with Betwixt on Building Coworker Trust

Building Coworker Trust Through Technology

Shaina Stigler is chief empathy officer at Betwixt, a startup focused on enhancing communication and building coworker trust. With remote work growing rapidly, building trust through technology can be challenging.

Shaina Stigler with Betwixt on Building Coworker TrustShaina spoke with Brian Ardinger about building coworker trust in exclusively digital environments. If we believe success in our work relies on our ability to trust each other, then how do we use technology as a tool to bring us closer together. We need to understand how people build trust and then realize that trust is something that takes time.

Shaina also shared some insight they’ve gained on how to jumpstart and measure this growth in trust, as well as how improvisation is integral to startups. To learn more about the company, check out https://betwixt.us

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Episode 110

Ep. 110 – Shaina Stigler...