Ep. 111 – Peter Gardner with Startgrid on Innovation Ecosystems

Ep. 111 – Peter Gardner with Startgrid on Innovation Ecosystems

Building Innovation Ecosystems Outside of Silicon Valley

Peter Gardner is the Founder and CEO of Startgrid, a company focused on connecting entrepreneurs and enterprises. His mission is to use software to build the density of resources (VCs/accelerators/access to capital/relationships) in innovation ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley. He believes innovation can happen anywhere.

Peter Gardner with Startgrid on Innovation EcosystemsIn this podcast, Peter talks with Brian Ardinger about how enterprises need to take a collaborative approach. They need to engage with global innovation ecosystems and integrate new technology, to stay competitive in a changing marketplace. Innovation teams need to develop internal skills and capacities while growing their external collaborations. Startups should consider a more strategic approach to building relationships with enterprises, giving both a competitive advantage.

Peter has spent 20 years as both an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, helping early-stage entrepreneurs seed and build their businesses. His experience includes being a General Partner at Allegis Capital, where he worked with more than 30 large enterprises on their external innovation programs.

Learn more about Peter at https://corp.startgrid.com/author/peter-gardener or email him at peter@startgrid.com.

If you are interested in building and accessing innovation ecosystems, check out Brian’s talk with Daniel Fozzati at IdeaLondon https://insideoutside.io/podcast/ep-101-daniel-fozzati-with-idealondon-on-system-innovation-at-30000-ft/ or Paul Singh’s talk at the Inside Outside Innovation Summit 2017 https://insideoutside.io/podcast/ep-91-paul-singh-i-o-innovation-summit/



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Ep. 111 – Peter Gardner ...