Leading Innovation Articles from August 2023

Leading Innovation Articles from August 2023

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Leading Innovation Articles from August 2023

How the Most Successful B2B Startups Came Up with Their Idea – Lenny Rachitsky 

  • Lenny begins a 7-part series on starting and scaling a B2B business. Part 1 looks at finding a new ideas. “No matter which path you take, you are looking for two things: pain and pull. Pain tells you there’s an opportunity to solve a problem, and that it’s important. Pull tells you that you’re actually solving the problem.”

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The 5 Elements Of The Changemaker Mindset – Digital Tonto 

  • “…we need to shift from a manager mindset to a changemaker mindset in which we no longer assume an environment of predictability, but explore unknowns in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Not everybody will be willing to make the journey with us, so rather than relying on a consensus, we will need to build a coalition and leave some people behind.”

The Value of Digital Transformation – HBR


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