Innovation Articles from July 2023

Innovation Articles from July 2023

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Innovation Articles from July 2023

Thinking Wrong: How to Trick Our Brains into Being More Innovative – Rita McGrath 

  • “In order to break with the predictable path and move forward, Greg Galle, suggests is that we need to “think wrong.” That means opening our minds to new possibilities.”


Hosting Successful Meetups & Creating Connections – Creative Caffeine 

  • I’ve found one of the best ways to build my innovation muscles is to host and/or attend various meetup events. David Sherry does a great job of outlining the benefits of gathering and engaging with people and offers some handy tips for getting a meetup up and going.


Why Speed Beats Perfection in Product Experimentation – Kromatic 

  • It is more important to consistently test and iterate than it is to design the perfect experiment. By making experimentation a frequent and persistent habit, companies can benefit from the cumulative effect of these efforts that grow enormous over the course of months or years.”

Let the Urgency of Your Customers’ Needs Guide Your Sales Strategy – HBR 

  • “When companies are creating profiles of possible target customers, there is a dimension they often overlook: the urgency of the need for the offering. This article provides a process for segmenting prospective customers in this fashion and creating a sales strategy.”



Four More Articles

The Creator of Netflix’s ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ on the Joy of Taking Chances – Fast Company

  • If somebody gave you a big house as a gift, would you stay in one room? We’ve all been given this gift. I want to see the whole house.”


Using Customer Complaint Videos to Trigger Ideas – Destination Innovation 

  • BUPA, a leading international provider of private healthcare and insurance, makes feedback messages from unhappy customers available for all staff to view. After they have viewed the message employees are encouraged to submit ideas for service improvements. Last year over 1100 suggestions were received and of these over 300 were implemented.



Harvard to Teach Class with AI Instructor in 2024 – The Byte 

  • Starting this fall, a popular intro-level coding course at Harvard University, CS50, will be taught by an AI instructor.


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