33 Ways to Impact Your Innovation Efforts Forever

33 Ways to Impact Your Innovation Efforts Forever

Are you prepared to navigate new technologies, new business models, new ways of work, and everything in between? If you hesitate answering this question, now’s your chance to do something about it.  On October 20–22, 2019, innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate leaders will be coming to Lincoln, Nebraska, for the Inside Outside Innovation Summit, to talk Talent, Technology, and The Future of Innovation.

Why you need to Attend the Inside Outside Innovation Summit

  • The Inside Outside Innovation Summit will help you keep pace in an era of endless innovation. Business as usual is not an option. The IO Innovation Summit is a crash course on the latest trends, thoughts, and tactical actions people are taking to create value in constantly changing environments.
  • If you and your company are not actively investing in innovation, you’re falling behind. 72% of the executives in a recent PwC benchmark survey said they’re not out-innovating their competitors. How are you going to close that gap? Spend a couple of immersive days with some of the best and brightest in the world of innovation. They are coming to share, work, and collaborate.
  • Explore new techniques for accelerating growth. Learn about new models for innovation beyond the traditional R&D path, such as open innovation, venture co-creation, venture-as-a-service, or good old fashioned Lean Startup, design thinking, and co-creation with partners, customers, and suppliers.
  • Expand your network of talent. Where else are you going to find a concentration of movers, shakers, makers, founders, builders, and creators?
  • Visit the Inside Outside Innovation Summit Startup Showcase. See 50 new startups actively building new businesses, new technologies, and new ways to disrupt traditional business models. Talk to founders. Explore connections and collaborations.
  • Talk tech and better understand the impact and opportunities that lie ahead. Technology is eliminating the old established ways, industry after industry. How are you dealing with the technology tsunamis. They include things like artificial intelligence, internet-of-things, and self-driving cars. As well as, the blockchain and countless other technologies and business models likely to impact your business.
  • Watch a startup pitch competition where one company will receive a $25k Launch LNK Grant for moving or expanding their operations in Lincoln.

Inside Outside Innovation Summit Speakers

  • Have some in-depth, tactical conversations at our moderated Table Talks. Folks from Voltage Control, Revelry, BadVR, RSM, Suiter Swantz, Nelnet, and others will be hosting discussions on a variety of topics from Intellectual Property to Trends in Virtual Reality.
  • Explore the new Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts — an interdisciplinary program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which addresses the relationship between technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship. We’re hosting the event at this new facility made possible by a $20M investment from the Johnny Carson Foundation. The Center will produce transformative creative leaders by building the ultimate student-centered program. Where every graduate is able to realize their dream job or raise money to start their dream company. Right out of school.
  • Get matched with people and companies you’re interested in meeting. Sponsors and startups will have an active startup matchmaking program designed to establish and expand connections between people and companies.
  • Learn how established companies can create successful innovation ecosystems from Tendayi Viki the author of The Corporate Startup, The Lean Product Lifecycle, and the upcoming, Right Question, Right Time.
  • Mingle, mix and network at the Opening Party on October 20th, 8:00pm-10:00pm at Longwell’s in The Railyard. The Inside Outside Innovation Summit, Startup Week Lincoln, and Pipeline are hosting the kickoff to the conference and the week’s activities at Startup Week Lincoln. This event is open to the public. And promises to be an excellent opportunity to meet some folks before the events start.
  • If you’re a VIP ticket holder, join us at the speaker/sponsor reception, hosted by Hudl at their gorgeous building in the West Haymarket.
  • Grab a copy of Francesca Gino’s book, Rebel Talent. Francesca is giving every attendee a free copy. And speaking of books, spend some time with a few more authors at the IO book table during breaks.
  • Explore a new corporate development model with renowned American record producer and entrepreneur Fernando Garibay. Fernando is a 20 year veteran of the music industry. Working as one of Jimmy Iovine’s top producers and the executive producer of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album.
  • Come early and stay late to get your co-work on at FUSE. All badge holders have free coworking during the conference. Plus, finish up the conference at the Closing Party hosted at FUSE on October 22nd following the pitch competition.
  • Learn how to launch new products and services, and create a more agile, entrepreneurial organizations from Josh Seiden, author of Outcomes Over Outputs, Sense & Respond, and Lean UX.

More Summit Speakers

  • Find out how to develop a curiosity-driven career from Zainab Ghadiyal. Zaniab is product lead at Airbnb and a former product developer at Facebook. She also co-founded the award-winning non-profit wogrammer, which reaches more than four million people and is changing the way stories are told about women in STEM.
  • Hear from Ben Yoskovitz, Founding Partner at Highline BETA, a startup co-creation company that launches new ventures with leading corporations and founders. Last time Ben visited Nebraska he was talking about his best-selling book Lean Analytics. This time you’ll get insight into “When, Why, and How Corporations Can Collaborate with Startups.”
  • Learn the power of developing and managing a portfolio of innovation initiatives from Lorrie Vogel, former VP of Material Science and Innovation at Nike and founder of the innovation consultancy ImagineNOW which accelerates innovation by using the power of design thinking; leveraging over 25 years of innovation, design and sustainability expertise.
  • Listen to case studies and insights from Amy Radin. Amy built a track record of success moving ideas to performance in senior innovation, digital and marketing roles at top brands including Citi and American Express, and also as an adviser to select early stage start-ups. Amy’s client list includes Pfizer, Salesforce.com, Deloitte, American Banker and Ripple and is the author of the award winning book, The Change Maker’s Playbook: How to Seek, Seed and Scale Innovation In Any Company.
  • From Beta to Unicorn in 6 Months is the topic of Larissa Maranhao talk. Larissa was the first employee at Brex — the first of its kind credit card for startups. She was deeply involved in the early iterations of the company. Working on everything from recruiting an international workforce to developing sales strategies.  As well as structuring and scaling the customer support team to expanding Brex to other early stage tech hubs outside of the Bay Area.
  • How can we redeem the term “innovation?” Alain Sylvain will tell us in his talk The Fetishization of “Innovation”: How business’s obsession with ‘innovation’ robbed the word of its meaning, and how we can reclaim it. Alain is the founder and CEO of Sylvain Labs.  It is a strategy and design consultancy that helps companies seize the reality and potential of their business, products and brands. Clients include Google, American Express, Airbnb, Spotify, Blackrock, Samsung, Pepsico, AB InBev, Jet, IKEA, GM, Sonos, the NBA, and others
  • What happens in Near Space, from Earth to Mars in the next 30 years will be the blueprint for human expansion into space for 1000’s of years to come. Learn from NASA Datanaut, Laura Anne Edwards in her talk Space: The Ultimate Innovation Lab.
  • Innovation is everywhere. Learn how innovation is impacting government from author of the book The Government Fix, Sara Hudson.
  • The landscape of startup investing is changing. The IO Summit will bring together investors to talk about venture capital outside the Valley. And how new innovators are getting access to capital, mentors, and new fundraising models. Panelists will include: Mark Rucci, Director of Platform Strategy, Rise of the Rest Seed Fund; Beth Engel, partner at Dundee Venture Capital; and Victor Gutwein, founder and managing partner of M25; Christie Pitts, early-stage investor at Backstage Capitaland co-founder of Backstage Studio; Troy Vosseller, Co-Founder of gener8tor, a nationally ranked startup accelerator; and Lauren Robinson Partner at Highline BETA and Executive Director of Female Funders, a global community of female angel investors and innovators.

Even More Summit Speakers

  • “Meet Your Digital Twin” will be the topic of Kathleen Cohen’s talk. Kathleen is a digital and immersive, experience strategist with over 20 years building both user and guest experiences. Her background includes working as a Creative and Producer for DreamWorks Interactive, IBM Innovation, Disney Parks & Resorts
  • Learn how data and software tools are changing the innovation game from Stuart Willson, co-founder and CEO of Radicle, a research and advisory business that helps the world’s leading companies, including Procter & Gamble, Diageo, and LEGO, better navigate the future.
  • Find out how talent and technology are impacting the innovation efforts at local-Lincoln sports technology company Hudl. Kyle Murphy, Vice President of People & Corporate Communication and Jasmine Kingsley, Vice President of Legal and People, will be sharing their thoughts on innovation talent at a high-growth startup and beyond.
  • Corporate venture capital is hard, learn how new models like venture-as-a-service are changing how corporations at looking at and executing on corporate venture capital with Touchdown Ventures Selina Troesch Munster.
  • Find out why Douglas Ferguson of Voltage Control thinks your ideas are worthless. Building from within, through focused execution, will get you much farther. Check out Douglas’s new book Beyond The Prototype: A roadmap for navigating the fuzzy area between ideas and outcomes.
  • Get your entire team on the same page and in short order. Cross-functional, collaborative teams enable innovation. Bring a group to the Inside Outside Innovation Summit or join to get your innovators, intrapreneurs, and management innovating together.
  • Finally, Brian Ardinger (that’s me) will be sharing insights and experiences from working with great companies and people highlighted on the Inside Outside Innovation podcast and InsideOutside.io community.

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