2022 Watchlist: More Innovative Women

2022 Watchlist: More Innovative Women

For the past four years, we’ve published a Watch List of Women in Innovation.  This year, after our 2022 publication, we’ve continued to get some very thoughtful nominations of innovative women to watch.

Today, we’ve selected nine women to celebrate. They are all making an impact both inside and outside the organization. While we’ve never personally met any of them, prepare to be impressed.

These are the thought leaders shaping the future of business and organizational growth. Many are working with the biggest corporations and the fastest startups on the planet.  We appreciate the Inside Outside Innovation community members who took time to nominate them.  They are now on our radar!

Nine Innovative Women on our Radar

Innovative WomenInside Innovators

Kim AndersonCreator/Co-Founder of Plant City, a growing plant-based food hall in Providence, RI. As well as Co-Founder of Plant City X, which is the fast-food version of the brand. She is also a partner in EverHope Capital, an investment fund that invests in sustainable brands.

Jennifer Kirby – Senior Director – Drive Thru Technology at McDonald’s.  Formerly with Hyatt Hotels. Data-driven product development and innovation leader spanning product design, digital technology, strategy, program management, and analytics.

Karen Hershenson – Innovation Director, GrowthWorks at Procter & Gamble.  She partners with businesses globally to build capability, drive behavior change and transform human systems as part of P&G’s effort to leverage Lean Innovation to drive faster learning and more success in market for our innovation.  Formerly of Coca-Cola and Mattel.

Mandy Tahvonen – Vice President & Managing Director of Innovation at Relish Works, Inc., a Gordon Food Service Company. She oversees the company’s innovation portfolio and helps to build a team of innovators in order to bring new products, services and tools to life. She also oversees The Food Foundry, a Chicago-based accelerator program by Relish Works built in partnership with Gordon Food Service and 1871.

Melissa Beckwith – VP Strategy & Innovation, Butler University. She connects higher-ed, industry, and start-ups to co-create solutions, products, and experiences that ultimately enhance the future of education.

Outside Innovators

Kathryn Trauth Taylor – Untold Content CEO and host of the Untold Stories of Innovation podcast. Untold translates research and innovation into impactful stories. Katie is set to launch her second venture, Narratize – an AI-powered storytelling SaaS Platform for business professionals, this summer.

Saleema Vellani – Founder & CEO, Ripple Impact an accelerator and community that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses and platforms. She is also author of Innovation Starts With I.

Phnam Bagley – Founding Partner & Creative Director, Nonfiction a design firm that turns science fiction into reality for a better future. She is an industrial designer and space architect that creates cutting-edge hardware in Wearables, Audio, Neurotech/Biohacking, Healthcare, Education, Sports, Transportation, and Aerospace.

Monica Kang – Founder & CEO, InnovatorsBoxThrough workshops, consulting, facilitation, and tools, InnovatorsBox helps professionals hone their creativity to solve problems in the face of change and complexity.


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Do you agree? Who did we miss?

We hope to talk to many of these innovators on the podcast this year. Let us know who we’ve missed and who else we should discover in 2022 at susan@insideoutside.io.


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