2022 Watch List: Women in Innovation

2022 Watch List: Women in Innovation

Our 2022 Watch List: Women in Innovation is made up of 26 women who are making an impact both inside and outside the organization, in large corporations and small startups. These are the innovation thought leaders shaping business growth through research and publications, as well as women working with the biggest corporations and the fastest startups on the planet.  

Some may be familiar names, while most will be new to you. In all cases, we offer podcast interviews with women who we think you can learn from.

2022 Watch List: Women in InnovationOur 2022 Watch List identifies an all new group of women succeeding through innovation. You can also check out our 2021 Watch List: Women in Innovation, as well as our 2020 Watch List: Women in Innovation, and 2019 Watch List: Women in Innovation.

Inside Innovators 

Women in innovation who work inside companies or are closely aligned to a corporation or organization in a consultative role.

  • Jennifer Henderson, Founder of TilT Ep. 241
  • Kathy Hannun, Co-founder of Dandelion Energy, a Google X spin out and largest geothermal home energy company – Ep. 244


Outside Innovators & Innovation Authors

Women in innovation who serve as consultants to both corporations and startups, in addition to providing innovation thought leadership as authors.

Outside Innovators

  • Susan Lindner, Founder of Emerging Media & Podcast Host of Innovation Storytellers – Ep. 246
  • Robyn Bolton, Founder and Chief Navigator at Mile Zero (formally with P&G/Innosight) – Ep. 258

Innovation Authors + Outside Innovators


Venture Capitalists

Women in innovation who provide significant guidance as investors and advisors.


Do you agree with our Women in Innovation 2022 List? Who did we miss?

These women are not ranked, but listed in order of our Inside Outside Innovation Podcast Interviews.  Let us know who we missed and who we should discover in 2022 at susan@insideoutside.io


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