12 Incredible Innovation Articles in June, 2023

12 Incredible Innovation Articles in June, 2023

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Incredible Innovation Articles from June 2023

  • Research reveals that innovation is a process involving many important steps, and following them allows individuals and teams to apply the science of innovation quickly and reliably. Here’s a summary of a seven-step approach for generating new ideas and solving intractable problems.


OpenAI Shares Some Best Practices for GPT – OpenAI 

  • OpenAi has published a guide for getting better answers from GPT including, write clear instructions, split your request into subtasks, and provide a chain of reasoning to help the chatbot.


The Power of User-Centered Design: Putting Your Customers First – Mind the Product 

  • To implement user-centered design successfully, you need to understand your users, involve them in the design process, iterate and test, and collaborate with your team members and stakeholders.


Get Started on an Idea – David Cummings 

  • Starting on an idea — especially something simple — is the best entrepreneurial training possible. There’s no perfect idea and too many people use searching for an idea as an excuse. Just like with anything new, the sooner you start doing, the sooner you start learning. Start now.”

More Articles

Embrace the Innovation Hate – Greg Satell 

  • Don’t worry about people stealing your ideas,” said the computing pioneer Howard Aiken. “If your ideas are any good, you’ll have to ram them down people’s throats.” The truth is that any idea important enough to be valuable will be disruptive enough to inspire significant opposition to it ever gaining traction.”


The Unconventional Palantir Principles that Spawned 9 Unicorns and 100+ Venture-Backed Companies – Lenny’s Newsletter 

  • Adam Judelson shares his lessons in building products and startups, including customer discovery, hiring, and organizational building.


When Great Minds Don’t Think Alike – Temple Grandin

  • “As organizations strive to make their workforces more diverse with respect to race, gender equity, and people with disabilities, leaders need to apply these same strategies to employees with different kinds of minds. Doing so will increase creativity, ignite problem solving, and lead to more cohesive workplaces.”


Fear Factor: Overcoming Human Barriers to Innovation – McKinsey 

  • A recent McKinsey study looking at fear and its impact on innovation found that the culture and employee experience of innovation correlate highly with an organization’s overall success at innovating, and that the three main fears that hold back corporate innovation are fear of criticism, fear of uncertainty, and fear of negative impact on one’s career.


Four More Articles

3+ Tools to Make Navigating Ambiguity a Super Power – Mile Zero

  • Robyn Bolton outlines a collection of the resources, tools, and activities that professors at Stanford’s d.School use to help their students build this super ability of embracing ambiguity.


Looking to Up Your Prompt Engineering Game? – Prompt Warrior Newsletter 

  • Everybody needs to get better at engineering their AI prompts. Moritz Kremb’s newsletter comes through with valuable tips, secrets and hacks for how to get the most our of ChatGPT.


Here Come the “Metahumans” – Rest of the World 

  • Virtual avatars have real jobs in Indonesia. Metahumans are occupying trusted roles like news anchors and government communicators.

AI Leapfrogging: How AI Will Transform “Lagging” Industries – NfX 

  • “Spaces like agriculture, hospitality, education, legal, construction, and manufacturing are primed for what we call “AI leapfrogging.” If executed correctly, AI has the potential to reach new demographics of users who were bypassed by the previous software revolutions.”
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