11 Innovation Articles to Read from April 2023

11 Innovation Articles to Read from April 2023

Here are 11 innovation articles to read that were published in April, 2023 and were the most popular among our inside outside readership. Sign up today at Inside Outside Innovation newsletter for our complete innovation reading list for innovation leaders.  

11 Innovation Articles to Read from April 2023

Excuse Me, Is There a Problem? – A Smart Bear

  • This week’s MUST READ article. It covers in detail why many startups fail despite identifying a real problem and building a product that solves that problem – The path from “The Problem” to “Viable Business Model”

100+ ChatGPT Prompts for Creators – Descript

  • Speed up your workflow with more than 100 prompts and advanced workflows for podcast and video production, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, content planning, social networking, email composing.

More Articles

Test First, Build Later: A Guide to Validating Your Ideas With Stimulus & Prototypes – Ben Yoskovitz 

  • “Building the wrong thing is brutal… Don’t build a product. Instead, invest your time in validating your riskiest assumptions through stimuli & prototypes. These are artifacts you create for the sole purpose of learning something, with no pretense that you’re keeping the stimuli or prototypes alive. Once you’ve learned from them, you throw them away.”

The Pizza Analogy 🍕Bram Kanstein

  • Early adopters don’t care how you deliver the value! So stop brainstorming about building more product and start thinking about how you can find evidence and establish that your idea has a right to exist.

Taking Fear Out of Innovation – McKinsey

  • “The risk and ambiguity inherent in innovation can make employees shy away from it. Creating an innovation culture where risk-taking is embraced must start at the top.”

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