Ep. 47 – Derek Mauk w/ Anheuser-Busch part 2

Ep. 47 – Derek Mauk w/ Anheuser-Busch part 2

Derek Mauk is a senior innovation brand manager for Anheuser-Busch. In part 2 of his interview, he shares more about how the Best Damn Brewing Co. team was able to pull off such a multi-dimensional innovation effort in a relatively short amount of time, and how they dealt with the inevitable problems that arose along the way. We also get to hear about the diverse set of outlets ABI uses to engage with startups and solve problems without having to completely reinvent the wheel--or the beer. Connect with Derek at https://www.linkedin.com/in/derekmauk or on Twitter @AnheuserBusch. Find information and tickets for our innovation summit at theiosummit.com and tell us your story on Twitter @theiopodcast to get on the show.

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Episode 47

Ep. 47 – Derek Mauk w/ A...