Ep. 168 – Alpha’s Aviad Stein on The Power of Experimentation for Innovation & Digital Transformation

Ep. 168 – Alpha’s Aviad Stein on The Power of Experimentation for Innovation & Digital Transformation

Aviad Stein, Director of Client Partnerships at Alpha

Aviad Stein is the Director of Client Partnerships at Alpha, a consumer insights company. He has worked with Tumbler, Bloomberg, Nordstrom, and Dun & Bradstreet on customer-centric innovation strategies. Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation Founder, talks with Aviad about his experiences with experimentation and digital transformations.

Aviad Stein is the Director of Client Partnerships at AlphaPodcast Highlights:

  • Aviad has taken many companies of different sizes through digital transformation. Created an innovation incubator at Nordstrom. Built online and mobile ecosystem for users engaging in-store and online. Bloomberg Digital team developed Audio/Video digitalization. Bringing content to consumers and creating partnerships.
  • Advice for working in large companies? Take one challenge at a time. At Nordstrom, identified acquiring new users. How can tech support them? Bring teams together to solve this goal. The business wanted to leverage tech. Customers wanted tech to engage with the company. Gathered customer feedback, then took to tech to create those services and create value.
  • Alpha Platform: Helps corporations manage products: feature, functionality, and target audience; Runs experiments based on hypothesis or assumptions on ideas at speed and scale to get directional input, and understand market opportunity. Smaller teams can get the same knowledge, as larger teams, and move faster.
  • Alpha works with one-third of Fortune 100 companies. $900 billion on experimentation is going to waste this year. Need the test and learn methodology. Alpha is a collaboration tool that enables teams to move much faster, based on input from their target audiences.
  • Mistakes of product people – Can’t take action on relevant data. Can they identify business goal and objectives? Need to measure the success of what you’ve been validating. Must be able to execute successfully.
  • The Alpha Team is coming to the IO Summit with the Alpha Bar. Helps companies test different assumptions about their business.

More Information on Aviad Stein

For more information, check out alphahq.com to request a demo or connect with Aviad Stein at aviad.stein@alphaux.com

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