Ep. 155 – Taylor Ryan of Valuer.ai on Startup-Corporate Matchmaking

Ep. 155 – Taylor Ryan of Valuer.ai on Startup-Corporate Matchmaking

Taylor Ryan, CMO of Valuer.ai

Taylor Ryan, CMO of Valuer.ai, talks with Brian Ardinger, Inside Outside Innovation founder, about Startup-Corporate Matchmaking. Valuer.ai matches startups with corporates, accelerators, and investors based on AI and crowdsourcing.

Taylor Ryan, ValuerKey points

  • Valuer.ai – HQ in Denmark. Taylor Ryan, from the US, is a six time co-founder, writer, growth hacker, and startup junkie.
  • Corporate/Startup matchmaking new to Europe.
  • Customized searches on Valuer.AI combines Crowdsource and AI data collection to find the right startups both locally and internationally.
  • Uses qualitative data of founders to determine if startups are investible.
  • Finding different skill sets of founders – data, block chain and finance are skills corporates are looking for.
  • Internal corporate innovators can use to find new ideas.
  • Need more education on looking to startups as long-term solutions for problems within corporations.
  • Trends in startup world – Different European hubs have different flavor.
  • Drift in European Tech to go after 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – Corporate Social Responsibility.

For More Information on Valuer

For more information or to connect with Taylor, check out Valuer.ai

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Episode 155

Ep. 155 – Taylor Ryan of...