Ep. 122 – Jeff Rohrs, Yext CEO and Author of Audience: Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans and followers

Ep. 122 – Jeff Rohrs, Yext CEO and Author of Audience: Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans and followers

You Should Sweat The Small Stuff

Jeff Rohrs is the CMO of Yext and Author of Audience: Marketing in the age of subscribers, fans and followers, and The Everywhere Brand ebook. He’s also a former VP at Salesforce and ExactTarget. In this episode, Brian Ardinger and Jeff talk about managing your brand across the web and how hard it is to put perfect information into consumer’s hands everywhere. Yext uses a digital knowledge management (dkm) platform to automate this process.

Jeff RohrsWith consumer behavior changing, 73% of a business’s traffic is now taking place off their website. The smallest content is becoming the most important, such as updating store hours and phone numbers. Companies need to update all the customer endpoints that matter, which is different from SEO.

Jeff’s book, The Everywhere Brand, with co-author Jay Baer (also the author of Talk Triggers), discusses how brands are going to have to be everywhere. The challenge is how they will control their appearance around the web. You can download The Everywhere Brand ebook or watch a YouTube video on The Everywhere Brand with Jay Baer and Jeff Rohrs (31 min)

As for future trends, Jeff is watching the use of voice. Voice refers to voice commands or voice as discovery. AI is also growing, such as in visual search with Google Lens and Google Photo. More than 85% of Americans are using AI in services like Uber and Google. Jeff believes you can’t control UI and AI, but you can manage the info it has about your company.

Additional knowledge resources include Smart Brief and EMarketer. To find out more about Yext, see yext.com or connect with Jeff on Twitter at @jkrohrs

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Ep. 122 – Jeff Rohrs, Ye...