Top 19 Innovation Articles from October 2021

Top 19 Innovation Articles from October 2021

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Top 19 Articles on Innovation in October 2021

  • Top 19 articles on innovation in October, 2021Productivity Metrics Aren’t Useful Any Longer – Fast Company
  • Google’s 8 Innovation Principles – Peter Diamandis
  • Forget Genius Leaders — Middle Managers are the Secret to Innovation – Sifted
  • 6 Qualities that Will Make You a More Innovative Employee – Fast Company
  • Amazon Has Your Future Mapped Out: Are You Ready for It? – cnet
  • How to Disrupt Yourself (Before Someone Else Does) – Peter Diamandis
  • 37 Digital Tools for Running Business Experiments – Strategyzer
  • How To Figure Out If Your Idea Is Worth Spending Time On – For the Interested
  • Is Your Industry Primed for Disruption? Study Weak Signals to See It First – Amy Radin (Podcast Ep. 158)  (IO Video )
  • The Curious Beginner’s Guide to Crypto – Peter Yang
  • To Become an Intrapreneur, Get Into This Mindset – Elmhurst University
  • Chipotle brings Halloween ‘Boorito’ event to metaverse by opening Roblox storefront – The Drum
  • The Future of Flexibility at Work – HBR
  • 5 Questions to Build Your Company’s Capacity for Innovation –
  • A Futurist’s Guide to Preparing Your Company for Constant Change – April Rinne (Podcast Ep. 261)
  • The Cost of Building the Wrong Thing –


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