Top 14 Articles for Leaders in Innovation

Top 14 Articles for Leaders in Innovation

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Here are the top 14 innovation articles, as read by our Inside Outside newsletter subscribers, for the month of July, 2020. 

Top Articles for leaders in innovationTop 14 Articles for Leaders in Innovation

  • The 8 KPIs That Actually Matter—and How to Measure Them – OpenView
  • 10 Types of Innovation: The Art of Discovering a Breakthrough Product – VisualCapitalist
  • 8 Predictions for the Future of Education – Rokk3r
  • Innovation Ecosystem Design Using Liebig’s Law of the Minimum – Kromatic
  • How to Network When There Are No Networking Events – HBR
  • The Weirdest Sh*t to Come Out of Silicon Valley in June (on-demand bees, Glampervans, and eBay’s scandal) – The Bold Italic
  • How Committed are Large Companies to Transformative Innovation Now? (CSL Report) – Sean Ammirati
  • Why Entrepreneurs Should Think Like Scientists – Henrik Werdelin
  • How to Design a Strong Experiment that Connects to Your Value Proposition Canvas – Strategyzer
  • That’s a Good Idea – And Then What Happens? – Seth Godin
  • Ready, Set, Go: Reinventing the Organization for Speed in the Post-COVID-19 Era –McKinsey
  • What Should We Do with 45,000 Half-Empty Public Buildings? – HBR
  • “Travel as We Knew It Is Over,” Says Airbnb Co-founder – Dezeen
  • The Only 3 Types of No-code Tools You Need to Build a Product – Bryce Vernon

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