Innovation Must-Reads from The IO Bookshelf

Innovation Must-Reads from The IO Bookshelf

The Best Innovation Books from Authors We’ve Interviewed

Our goal is to bring you the best insights from the world of talent, technology, and innovation each week. Over the past five years, we’ve sat down with more than 60 authors to interview on our podcast and host at our events.

To help you find the right advice, at the right time, we’ve curated a list of the innovation books we’ve recommended from the authors we’ve had the great pleasure to interview and work with (All of the following authors can be found on the Inside Outside Innovation podcast, Inside Outside Innovation Summits, or at other IO special events – check out our current IO LIVE Series).


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We’re committed to providing an inclusive community of innovators.  Who did we miss?  What are some of your favorite innovation publications?  

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