Ep. 66 – Dave Robertson w/ “Brick by Brick”

Ep. 66 – Dave Robertson w/ “Brick by Brick”

David Robertson, author of Brick by Brick and formerly at Wharton, just recently accepted a new position at MIT’s Sloan school. He also hosts a podcast of his own called Innovation Navigation that’s available on Sirius XM channel 111. David and Josh sat down to talk about what third wave innovation really is and examples from GoPro to Lego about the possibilities for success and failure that go along with incremental innovation Go to Innonavi.com to find about workshops and "Brick by Brick.' You can find his podcast on itunes and live on Sirius XM channel 111 Tuesday 9-10 EST and replayed throughout the week.

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Episode 66

Ep. 66 – Dave Robertson ...