Ep. 116 – SapientRazorfish’s Jeremy Lockhorn on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Ep. 116 – SapientRazorfish’s Jeremy Lockhorn on the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Disruption of Emerging Technology

Jeremy Lockhorn is VP, Experience Strategy, Mobile + Emerging Technology at SapientRazorfish and has served a wide variety of roles during his 20-year tenure. The common thread is on a focus of what’s next. In this podcast, Jeremy and Brian Ardinger discuss technology changes over the past 10 years and the implications for the future’s Fourth Industrial Revolution. They know each other from their days in the digital signage space.

Jeremy Lockhorn on the Fourth Industrial RevolutionWhen the iPhone was launched more than 11 years ago, it was immediately breakthrough technology. What people didn’t know, was how big and disruptive it would be. We never imagined how seamless the phone would become in our lives today. Jeremy believes the Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming. He defines it as an intersection of emerging tech such as smart home, self-driving vehicles, wearable tech, AI, VR/AR, and smart speakers, etc. Of course, the phone has a role to play in everything.

The next 10 years will move faster and be more disruptive. In the past there was one disruptive tech at a time, now all this new tech is hitting at the same time, with interconnectivity. Consumers are going to expect companies to be where they are. Creating magical experiences for customers. When you make things so simple, the interface fades into the background. Jeremy provides other examples from Whirlpool Appliances and Hertz.

Are companies that will win, the ones that can customize and predict what customers want? Jeremy believes companies must use “Clairvoyance Marketing.” That is removing friction, predicting need, and then completing the task. Anything that does not do that in the future will jar the customer. It’s hard to keep up with that pace of change. Creating collaboration opportunities to drive innovation and bring in outside thinking is crucial. Look at companies like Mercedes Benz and Patron Tequila as early leaders in the space.

Note: Since this recording, Jeremy Lockhorn has left SapientRazorfish and is consulting and public speaking while finding his next full-time gig.

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Connect with Jeremy on Twitter at @newmediageek for more information.

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