Ep. 102 – Sunayna Tuteja with TD Ameritrade on FinTech Innovation

Ep. 102 – Sunayna Tuteja with TD Ameritrade on FinTech Innovation

FinTech Innovation

Sunayna Tuteja is Head of Strategic Partnerships and Emerging Technology at TD Ameritrade and a speaker at the Inside Outside Innovation Summit 2018 on Fintech innovation.

In her conversation with Brian Ardinger, she shares a preview of what’s to come including the four pillars of their approach to innovation at TD Ameritrade, up-and-coming trends for startups and corporations to keep their eyes on, and why FinTech is in a unique position when it comes to innovation.

Find her on Twitter @Sunayna or at TD Ameritrade at https://www.tdameritrade.com/home.page

If you are interested in another large corporation looking at innovation, try Brian’s interview with Tom Bianculli from Zebra at https://insideoutside.io/podcast/ep-100-tom-bianculli-w-zebra/ or his interview with Atul Kamra from SixThirty, a fintech fund in St. Louis at https://insideoutside.io/podcast/ep-79-atul-kamra-w-sixthirty/



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Episode 102

Ep. 102 – Sunayna Tuteja...