It’s Time to Reset, Reshape, and Remix – IO2020 The New Innovators’ Summit

It’s Time to Reset, Reshape, and Remix – IO2020 The New Innovators’ Summit

Announcing IO2020 The New Innovators’ Summit

It takes a lot to launch and grow new ideas. Especially in times of accelerating change and unprecedented uncertainty. As regulars of our podcast, newsletter, and community know, we love bringing together the best and the brightest in innovation and entrepreneurship to help individuals and organizations navigate what’s next. To that end, we’re excited to announce our fourth annual conference – IO2020 The New Innovators’ Summit.

IO2020 The New Innovators' SummitThe disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic has upended many plans for 2020 (and beyond). Still, it has also opened up many opportunities to change, adapt, and experiment. Something our community knows all about. To that end, we too, have adapted. We’re excited to share with you and hope you’ll be a part of it.

This virtual event will run October 20–22, 2020. It will be unlike any other online event/webinar/zoom summit you may have attended.

Here are a few of the things we’re excited about:

Tickets Are Free for IO2020 The New Innovators’ Summit (Or Upgrade for More Options)

Inside Outside - Launch & Grow New IdeasWe’ve made attending and participating FREE.  Of course, you can also upgrade your ticket to get access to post-event recordings and other VIP perks. Couple that with the lack of travel time and expenses, and now there’s no reason not to sign-up your boss and bring your entire team. Head on over and grab a spot now!

An Amazing Lineup of Speakers and Sessions

We’ve always prided ourselves on curating a fantastic cast of keynotes and interactive sessions. This year is no different. In fact, we’ll be announcing our first batch of speakers soon that include authors, investors, founders, and folks who’ve worked on innovation at Estee Lauder, Dolby Labs, Bosch, Bayer, Toyota, and more (with more to come). We’re also curating a variety of Open Discussion sessions to bring all attendees into the conversation.


An Expanded Startup Showcase

IO2020 The New Innovators’ SummitWe’re expanding our virtual Startup Showcase to highlight over 200 companies. The Get Started showcase will include high-growth startups, bootstrapped side projects, “inside” enterprise innovation initiatives, and maybe even a few prototypes to share. Some of the best ones will compete for ~$50,000 in grants, prizes, in-kind services, and more in our annual pitch competition. Have something to showcase? Apply today!

A New Virtual Event Platform for Enhanced Engagement & Networking

Finally, we’re doubling down on engagement and networking. We’re hosting IO2020 on Run The World. Unlike one-way webinars or traditional video conferencing, the Run The World platform will enable attendee conversations and provide engaging community-building experiences. Attendees will have ample opportunities to meet, mix, and mingle.

IO2020 is excited to be hosting multiple speed-networking, group breakouts, and other interactive opportunities for attendees to connect. Finally, Run The World’s flexible platform supports both a mobile-first or desktop experience, so you won’t be chained to your desk to make those connections and serendipitous collisions expect from a conference.

IO2020 The New Innovators’ Summit


IO2020 The New Innovators’ Summit Welcome Video


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