Innovation: New Experiences = New Ideas

Innovation: New Experiences = New Ideas

Innovation: New Experiences

New experiences and new actions accelerate and increase your exposure to the inputs for ideas and innovation. Go out and do stuff. Take action to create, build, or try something new, rather than passively learning or reading about it. The simple act of experiencing new things has a dramatically different effect than just reading or learning about them.

Innovation: New ExperiencesMake it a point to push yourself into new activities. Learn first-hand about new people, places, and subjects. New experiences come from doing things we haven’t done before, seeing things we haven’t noticed, and trying things we haven’t tried. Traveling to new places, eating new foods, listening to new music, connecting with new friends, teaching new skills, and building new projects are a few ways to amp up your experience game.

Overall, the best way to feed curiosity and the exploration engine is to engage with new people, places, and perspectives—exposure to the new and novel is a fertilizer for curiosity. Kick start your innovation this week by seeking some new experiences and new voices. Tell us what you find at



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