Innovation Articles from June 2024

Innovation Articles from June 2024

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Innovation Articles from June 2024

How to Take Bigger, Bolder Product Bets – FirstRound

  • “Seasoned product leader and Slack’s CPO Noah Desai Weiss shares the three-step framework he leans on to make quality product decisions with just the right amount of risk.”


Measuring Innovation: A Four-Stage Framework – David Rogers

  • Measuring innovation is a perennial challenge. New ventures cannot be managed by the same KPIs that you use in your core business. What’s more, the metrics needed to grow any new venture will rapidly change. Because of your long experience with your core business, its day-to-day operations can be managed with traditional planning. But the inherent uncertainty of any new digital innovation requires that you manage it through a process of experimentation.” David outlines his Four Stages of Validation for measuring digital innovation.


Reebok’s New AI Tool Helps People Turn Memories into Digital Sneakers – Jeremy Lockhorn 

  • Reebok Impact introduces a unique virtual experience where users can design custom sneakers incorporating personal photo memories. This initiative, a collaboration between Reebok and Futureverse, enables users to port their digital creations across Fortnite and Roblox.”


Four Must-Haves in Your Innovation Process – Kromatic

  • “…despite repeating the “things are changing fast” phrase thousands of times, most large organizations still have a stiff stage-gate innovation process that lacks the flexibility that they expect innovation to give them. Most processes are bafflingly strict and stifle the innovation they seek to foster.  In particular, the standard stage-gate model of innovation suffers from several common issues:
  1. Every project that is approved, launches
  2. Projects that don’t show growth continue to receive funding
  3. Good ideas that don’t fit into existing business units are abandoned
  4. Small strategic errors in projects compound over time
  5. Individual investments are not considered in the context of the overall portfolio”



Scientists Found a Paradox in Evolution—and It May Become the Next Rule of Biology – Popular Mechanics

  • “A new study unexpectedly reveals that cells thrive on chaos. Some


Feeling Invisible Worlds: Spatial Computing, Haptics & A Future of Perception – Matt Klein

  • “We’re moving towards a future where the computer becomes omnipresent, no longer constrained to a screen. The computer is everywhere.”


Robots Serve Coffee at Startbucks – Naver Labs [Video]

  • “NAVER 1784 is the world’s largest robotics testbed. The Starbucks on the second floor of 1784 is the world’s most unique Starbucks, with more than 100 service robots called “Rookie” delivering Starbucks drinks to meeting rooms and private seats, and various experiments with a dual-arm robot.”


The Entrepreneur’s Cheat Code: How Decision Gates Can Unlock Your Startup – Todd Gagne

  • As a startup founder, you’re constantly faced with a barrage of critical decisions that can feel overwhelming and binary. But here’s the secret: the most successful entrepreneurs don’t view decisions as all-or-nothing propositions. Instead, they break them down into smaller, manageable steps – what I call “decision gates.” By guiding your customers, prospects, and employees through these gates, you not only simplify complex decisions but also dramatically increase your chances of success.”


State of the Global Workplace – Gallup

  • “In 2023, global employee engagement stagnated, and overall employee wellbeing declined. While both measures are at or near record highs, their lack of improvement is notable, as they follow multiple years of steady gains. The result is that the majority of the world’s employees continue to struggle at work and in life, with direct consequences for organizational productivity.”


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