Innovation Articles from April 2024

Innovation Articles from April 2024

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Innovation Articles from April 2024


The Secret to Duolingo’s Growth – Lenny’s Newsletter 

Duolingo’s Seam Columbo, shares five of his biggest growth lessons over these five years at Duolingo, including maintaining a sense of urgency to drive compounding growth and not killing the golden goose.


Introducing AssumptionsGPT – Precoil 

David Bland launches a ChatGPT plugin that helps you in generating, prioritizing, and refining assumptions for early-stage ideas. Check it out.


Game Theory Explains Why the Four Day Work Week is Stalled in America – Tim Anderson 

Given that science backs a shorter work day, it seems irrational for employers to ask their workers to spend more of their time working. This is especially given that so much work now happens remotely where “being in the office” is no longer a good reason. Likewise, the “always on call” tendency to have workers available by cellphones and email suggests that simply being available isn’t a good answer either. For whatever reason, employers and employees alike want to continue the charade that people produce for 40 or more hours per week. Game theory may offer a reason.”


‘A Brief History of the Future’ Offers a Hopeful Antidote to Cynical Tech Takes – TechCrunch 

“Cynicism is a quality taken almost for granted in tech journalism, and certainly we are as guilty as the next publication. But both the risk and the promise of technology are real, and a new documentary series tries to emphasize the latter while not discounting the former. “A Brief History of the Future,” hosted by Ari Wallach, also has the compelling quality of, as a PBS production, being completely free.”




Customer Discovery Interviews Part 1: Focus on Storytelling – Kromatic 

“Every customer has their own unique tale to tell. What we’re trying to find in our customer discover interview is the element of their story that intersects with a need for our product… There’s a very simple rule for customer discovery interviews: Ask about the past, observe the present, forget about the future.”


Unintended Consequences of Humanoid Service Robots – ScienceDirect 

“Robots guided by artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming service operations in for-profit companies. However, public and non-profit organizations have been slower to pursue these innovative new technologies. We conducted an in-depth single-case qualitative study of one public organization (a public library in Australia) to better understand the unintended consequences of humanoid service robots. Our findings theorize unintended consequences through dimensions of customer value and service interaction locus, yielding four types – service disparities, judgment-free communication, noise pollution and social touch.”


11 Secrets of LEGO Designers – Pocket 

“We spoke with three LEGO designers about the ins and outs of the job, including the rigorous quality control process, their all-time favorite sets, and their unique workspace.”


Apple’s Privacy Rules are Stifling Apple Vision Pro Apps, For Now – AppleInsider 

Apple does not allow third-party apps to use the cameras on Apple Vision Pro, and developers are complaining about it. Apple Vision Pro did not see an iPhone-like explosion of new, dedicated headset apps upon its launch, but by February 2024 there were over 1,000 native apps on the visionOS App Store. It’s still very many and while it is still early days, some developers are complaining that they are being restricted by Apple’s privacy rules.”


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