Highlighting Diversity and Inclusion in Innovation

Highlighting Diversity and Inclusion in Innovation

At Inside Outside, we work to highlight diverse corporate and startup innovation leaders. We also try to discuss issues of diversity and inclusion in leadership, funding, hiring, and tech. Issues of diversity and inclusion are important to us. They will continue to be a top priority when we chose to amplify voices in innovation.

Here are a few podcasts, articles, panels and blog posts that we’ve been a part of. Each one focuses on issues of diversity and inclusion in innovation.

Inside Outside Innovation Podcasts

Inside Outside Innovation podcasts cover a wide range of topics related to corporate and startup innovation.  Here are a few podcasts that include topics of diversity and inclusion.

  • Arlan Hamilton – Founder of Backstage Capital & Author of It’s About Damn Time – How to Turn Being Underestimated into Your Greatest Advantage [VIDEO: IO LIVE]
  • Sonja Gittens Ottley – Asana – Innovation through Diversity and Inclusion
  • Jennifer Brown – Author of How to Be an Inclusive Leader 
  • Nancy Wang – Amazon & Founder of Advancing Women in Product 
  • Nicole Rufuku – Author of Hiring for the Innovation Economy
  • Doug Branson – Author of The Future of Tech is Women – How to Achieve Gender Diversity 

Innovation Newsletter

Each week we feature innovation articles in The IO Newsletter. Here are a few that focus on on diversity and inclusion.

  • Diversity is an Innovation Strategy: An Interview with Christie Pitts – Scott Lenet
  • Why Thought Diversity Makes Us Better – Farnam Street
  • LinkedIn is using AI to make recruiting diverse candidates a no-brainer – Business Insider
  • How the VC Pitch Process Is Failing Female Entrepreneurs – HBR
  • More Women Became VC Partners Than Ever Before In 2019 But 65% of Venture Firms Still Have Zero Female Partners – All Raise
  • Women in Venture Report 2019 – Female Funders & Highline Beta

Inside Outside Innovation Summit

For the past three years, IO has produced an innovation summit. Here are talks featuring speakers on diversity and inclusion in innovation.

  • New Innovators Panel – Christie Pitts – Backstage Capital (underrepresented founders) / Troy Vosseller – gener8tor (startups in music and arts) / Lauren Robinson – Highline Beta (startups that are corporate-led) (2019)
  • Hiring for Innovation: Transforming Job Interviews – Nicole Rufuku, Author of Hiring for the Innovation Economy: Three Steps to Improve Performance and Diversity. (2018)
  • The Business of Innovation – Cultivating Diversity in Your Workforce – Neil Soni – The Estee Lauder Companies – Moderator / Dr. Helen Fagan, Diversity Expert / Emir Plicanic, Product and UX Lead, Vosaic / David Brown, Managing Partner, Brown Immigration Law / Chuck Norris – Nelnet (2017)

Women in Innovation

Each year, Inside Outside releases a Watchlist of Women in Innovation.

Innovation Leaders, Inclusion & IO

Know of a corporate or startup innovation leader that has a unique or diverse perspective? Someone that could help others innovate in a more inclusive way? What could Inside Outside create to help you bring more intention and focus to inclusion and diversity issues? How can you help elevate underestimated innovators and founders?  Let us know at brian@insideoutside.io.


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