Gifts for Innovators in 2021

Gifts for Innovators in 2021

Gifts for ALL the Innovators in Your Life

Gifts for innovators and entrepreneurs is always tricky. They’re often the quirky, early-adopter types with out-of-the-ordinary needs and wants. Maybe it’s a gift for yourself, your family, or your team.  Whoever it is, the right gift for an innovator can make all the difference.

Gifts for Innovators in 2021We made a shortlist of our favorites this year to add to your wish and gift lists. Celebrate surviving or maybe thriving another year and find a gift for all the innovators in your life.


mRNA vaccine

Always on the leading edge of science and tech, we’re certain most Inside Outside Innovation fans are vaccinated. You want to protect yourself, your community, and your world.  If you haven’t vaccinated yourself or your children, this seems like the ULTIMATE  gift of innovation.  Check out the CDC’s page on mRNA vaccines and get VAXED and boosted today!

mRNA Vaccine - Gifts for Innovators

Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT  

“Recent purchases of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) by celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, the launch of 2,500 limited-edition Rolling Stone magazines with a Bored Ape featured on the cover (see below), and the announcement that Universal Music Group would form a Metaverse-based band called Kingship” are likely reasons behind the growing interest in the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT project and others.  If you have any idea what we’re talking about read this article on NFTs and grab your favorites today.

NFTs - Gifts for Innovators

The IO Newsletter Subscription

If you’re here, you’ve probably already subscribed to Inside Outside Innovation’s free newsletter. It’s packed with the latest insights on talent, technology, and the future of innovation. Startups and corporations look to The IO Newsletter to help them understand the latest research, connect with other leaders, and accelerate their learning.  Know an innovator that would love a free weekly innovation boost?  Send them a free gift subscription today!

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NoCode Founders 2.0

Maybe The No Code Community is on your wishlist?  Here’s a community for founders who don’t code or choose not to.  It provides access to everything you need to start a profitable internet company and a community of people to help you get there.  Seems like a perfect gift for a new innovator.  Check it out at

The No Code Community - Gifts for Innovators

Ted Lasso on Apple TV

Need a gift of love and light? Ted Lasso is an American sports comedy-drama streaming series developed by Apple TV.  It follows Ted Lasso, an American football coach who is hired to coach an English soccer team. Lasso tries to win over the English football fans with his folksy, optimistic demeanor while dealing with his inexperience in the sport and challenges in life. With 22 episodes released and a third season on the way, this gift will make an innovator’s heart sing. 

Ted Lasso - Gifts for Innovators

Five Great Books on Innovation

Segway Loomo Personal Robot  

If you’ve ever considered a personal robot, this might be it.  Take a small Segway, which we have, and attach a camera and tech device for photos and sensing and all kinds of AI integration.  It will follow you or you can ride it.  Not sure what else you could do, but you’re sure to be invited to lots of holiday parties if Loomo is in tow.  Check it out on Amazon.

Loomo - Gifts for Innovators

Inside Tracker

Innovators are realizing their number one innovation tool is their body.  Inside Tracker’s algorithmic engine helps analyze blood, DNA, and lifestyle habits, and guides people to their goals with actionable recommendations.  They tell you what you need to do and why. Check it out at


Inside Tracker - Gifts for Innovators

Gift yourself the newsletter.  Join 45,000+ entrepreneurs discovering new markets and ideas. Tons of interesting market research presented in 5-minute reports. Check it out at - Gifts for Innovators



Investing for and in the next generation is a gift that keeps on giving (hopefully ;).  Check out Bumper. This is the first investing app built only for teens to learn and invest in their futures. With all the learning and safety limits included, Bumper is the ideal innovation gift for your kids over 13 and their personal financial growth.  Check it out at

Bumper - Gifts for Innovators

iPad mini

Can anyone have too many iPads?  Big ones, medium ones, and now a Mini.  Innovative kids love this size for drawing or as a camera for Minecraft with friends. We love it because we can actually read it versus diving into a newsletter on the phone.  Check it out at

iPad mini - Gifts for Innovators


#TeamSeas is a global campaign to raise $30M to remove 30M pounds of plastic and trash from our ocean, rivers and beaches.  Every single dollar #TeamSeas raises toward the $30M will go to independently verified pounds of trash that have been removed from beaches, rivers or the ocean. When you donate, the funds go directly to the two not-for-profit organizations, Ocean Conservancy and The Ocean Cleanup.

#TeamSeas is being led by Mark (Rober) and Jimmy (MrBeast).  True social media content innovators.  They’ve also engaged many of the world’s most popular content creators to help support the campaign.  Think of it as a giant, global potluck for good.  Our pre-teen has already made a donation.




Do your online presentations need a pick me up?  Try Mmhmm.  It helps make phenomenal videos in a simple way.  Share your slides but stay on the screen.  Stand out from other presenters.  Hey 2021 is almost over and 2022 is going to be time for a reinvention.  Perfect your presentations, liven up your life, and get that big deal with Mmhmm.  Try the free version for an hour a day at

Mmhmm - Gifts for Innovators


Still working from home, but trying to get back to the office.  A gift like Maptician will optimize your company’s space and help you return to the office with confidence.  Map your people in places and thrive in the new hybrid work model.  Check it out at

Maptician - Gifts for Innovators


Managing your employees’ leave doesn’t have to stink. Gift this software to your Innovative HR Team to automate leave workflows.  It will make compliance with local, state, and federal leave laws easy peasy. Check it out at

Tilt - Gifts for Innovators


Most innovators love spreadsheet but they need flexible tools to make financial modeling easy and quick. Gift yourself and your team Logica.  It’s a visual, collaborative financial modeling platform for dynamic planning, budgeting, and forecasting. If this doesn’t say Gifts for Innovators, we don’t know what does.  Check out Logica at

Logica - Gifts for Innovators

Inside Outside Merch

Support IO’s innovation community through the purchase of an Inside Outside T-Shirt (short and long sleeve), Neoprene Backpack, IO Poster, or Innovation Notebook. These would make great gifts for the innovators in your life.  Check out the IO Merch.

IO T-Shirt - Gifts for InnovatorsIO Backpack- Gifts for Innovators

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We’ve made small investments in Tilt, Maptician, Bumper and Logica.  Do you have ideas for great gifts for innovators?  Let us know.


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