Accelerating Innovation: 3-3-3 Approach

Accelerating Innovation: 3-3-3 Approach

Seek Out New Voices

Ideas are the seeds that can grow to create value. Therefore, to accelerate innovation, you must find ideas to accelerate. Finding new ideas requires exploration. One of the best ways to expedite your exploration efforts is to seek out new voices. 

Accelerating Innovation: 3-3-3 ApproachExpose yourself to a variety of voices, experiences, and actions. In other words, seek out perspectives, insights, and experiences you don’t run into in your everyday routine. Make exploring new voices part of a routine. These voices give you access to new ideas and knowledge to leverage.

New Voices Strategy

Over the years, I’ve collected (and now curate) over 500 newsletters, RSS feeds, forums, and other online resources. I start each day scanning and reading these new voices and insights with my morning coffee. I imagine this is what my father was doing when he read the morning newspaper daily. Luckily for me (and you), every newspaper, magazine, video, and resource is available online.

I’m constantly adding new voices to the mixes of resources I review. For instance, I seek new podcasts, newsletters, blogs, documentaries, meet-ups, and online groups. Similarly, I’m a huge advocate for using tools like Twitter or Reddit to identify and follow various streams of conversations.

The resources I explore and what I share have changed over time. It has become a replenishing cycle and habit. It’s even provided insight into how my thinking and interests have changed. Based on the articles I saved and shared, I can go back through my notes and scan what I was reading, what I was interested in, and what was trending. 

3-3-3 Approach

A simple way to start curating new voices and inputs is to use the 3-3-3 Approach. Choose three sources inside your industry to follow. What are the trade publications, newsletters, and influencer accounts that everyone in your industry pays attention to?

After that, choose another three sources adjacent to your industry and three outside your sector. Reevaluate and add or change the sources in these three categories each quarter. Over time you’ll develop your go-to resources to access new insights and speed up your learning.

– Brian Ardinger


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