13 Top Articles on Innovation in November

13 Top Articles on Innovation in November

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13 Top Articles on Innovation in November 2021

  • Top Articles on InnovationLearn Anything Faster By Using The Feynman Technique –
  • When Pitching an Idea, Should You Focus on “Why” or “How”? – HBR
  • McDonald’s Just Announced It’s Completely Changing the Customer Experience – ZDNet
  • How to Find Answers when you Don’t Know the Questions – T-Minus
  • Five Data Missteps That Paralyze Innovation – Innovation Management
  • It Comes Down to Culture – David Kidder
  • 10 Questions to Ask Before You Believe in a Business Model – Rita McGrath (Ep. 237)
  • The SaaS Metrics That Matter – David Saks
  • 3 Common Innovation Gaps (and How to Close Them) – Robyn Bolton (Ep. 258)
  • Wish You Could Disappear From a Zoom Meeting – karenxCheng
  • The Top 10 Innovation Shortcuts Company Leaders Should Avoid – Tendayi Viki (Ep. 194)(IO Video)
  • Is the Great Resignation Giving Rise to the Entrepreneur? – Wharton
  • What Drives Leaders to Invest in Transformative Innovation? – Frederic Etiemble


*Authors include reference to past IO Podcasts and IO Videos.

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