Innovation Tools in 2021 for New Innovators

Innovation Tools in 2021 for New Innovators

Innovation Tools for New Innovators

IO’s new Innovation Tools Database contains 225+ tools that you should check out.

We started the database with tools we use to move forward faster.  We know navigating the new world of work isn’t easy.

Innovation ToolsTools include software, apps, articles, website, etc. Everything you need to launch new products or services or make your innovation process more successful.

We’ve put these tools in 75+ searchable categories to help you find what you need. For example, tool categories include:

  • Analytics, App Development, Audio, and Automation.
  • Business Ideas, Captioning, Collaboration, and Design tools.
  • Email, Financial Tools, Forms, Hosting, and Idea Solicitation.
  • Innovation Management, Internal Tools, Marketing Tool, and Mind-mapping.
  • Newsletter, Payments, Personal, Podcast Hosting, and Productivity Tools.
  • Retail, Scheduling, Side Hustle Platforms, Social Media, and Storage.
  • Transcription, Video, Video Conference, Video Editing, Website, and Writing.

Some tools have costs, while others are free. Many tools are new and created by rapidly growing startups. Others have been around for years and are owned by large corporations.

Some tools have links to other lists to expand on specific categories. In some cases, there are articles describing these powerful tools, to help you create your own.

Innovation Tools for New Innovators

Search and sort these tools easily on a desktop computer. If you use an innovation tool that you love and we’ve missed, let us know.

Check out Inside Outside’s NEW Innovation Tools Database.

Finally, for more innovations resources, check out IO’s Innovation Article Database, Innovation Book Database, and Innovation Video Database. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter.


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